We make sure you and your spouse have a complete understanding of all issues relating to assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. While spouses invariably have different perspectives, the bottom line is, and will always be, truth and fairness in the allocation of assets and liabilities and determination of support. The process of getting to truth and fairness is not easy, but it is rewarding. 

Children are entitled to care, protection, guidance, and love. Putting aside the problems that led to the decision to divorce, parents almost always have a better perspective than an antagonistic attorney, or a court appointed custody evaluator, or even a judge, about what is best for their children. Your Mentor will guide you through the process of deciding who will be the primary care giver, where the children will live, what visitation is appropriate, and how best to provide for their support, welfare, and best interest. 

Your Mentor’s decades of experience will provide you and your spouse with the insight to resolve the issues that, invariably, arise.