We begin by explaining everything.

After our telephone conversation, we will arrange a free consultation with you and your spouse at an office location near you.

In the consultation, your Mentor will respond to your questions and concerns, discuss the steps and the time table for moving forward, and explain the fees and expenses you will incur.

The savings in fees will astound you.

Information will then be collected, necessary documents will be filed, issues will be identified, and guidance and support to resolve them will be provided.

After the engagement letter is signed, the next step will be to assemble all your information and have necessary paperwork prepared, filed, and served, which will begin the six month period it takes to get a divorce in California. 

During the six month period, your Mentor will work with you to resolve all issues, help you deal with the financial strain of transitioning from one household to two, and empower you and your spouse to reach agreements regarding children that are in their best interest. Certified Divorce Financial Analysts and Certified Public Accountants are available to help you and your spouse assemble all financial information and come to a complete financial understanding.

Your Mentor will guide you through all the challenging issues involving money and children.

We make sure you and your spouse have a complete understanding of all issues relating to assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. While spouses invariably have different perspectives, the bottom line is, and will always be, truth and fairness in the allocation of assets and liabilities and determination of support. The process of getting to truth and fairness is not easy, but it is rewarding. 

Children are entitled to care, protection, guidance, and love. Putting aside the problems that led to the decision to divorce, parents almost always have a better perspective than an antagonistic attorney, or a court appointed custody evaluator, or even a judge, about what is best for their children. Your Mentor will guide you through the process of deciding who will be the primary care giver, where the children will live, what visitation is appropriate, and how best to provide for their support, welfare, and best interest. 

Your Mentor’s decades of experience will provide you and your spouse with the insight to resolve the issues that, invariably, arise. 

Mutually beneficial Agreements will be reached.

Every step of the way your experienced, non-attorney Mentor will provide you and your spouse with the tools you need to make informed decisions and avoid conflict. 

Your Mentor understands the dynamics of ending a relationship and will provide critical guidance to assist you to preserve and divide assets, deal with liabilities, and determine the need for, and the amount and terms of support. 

Your Mentor’s experience over many years will be invaluable to you in crafting the perfect parenting plan. 

All agreements will be reviewed by legal counsel before you and your spouse sign them, to make certain you both understand every detail and legal ramification, and the consequences of what you have decided to do, and to assure that each agreement contains appropriate language and provisions to fully carry out your expressed intent

The Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage will be obtained.

No appearances in court will be required, and the details of all agreements can be kept private. The Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage will be obtained. 

A mutually beneficial future will be yours


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