PARTING PROPERLY has created a unique step-by-step process to preserve assets, safeguard privacy, minimize fees, avoid delays, reach a mutually beneficial outcome, and protect children.

PARTING PROPERLY rejects traditional court litigation, with its separate combative attorneys.

Litigation, particularly if there are children involved, can have ghastly consequences:

Damage to couples and children   Incredible Expense   Endless Delays   Assets Wasted   Unnecessary Fights   Privacy Lost

Judge Donna Hitchens, former Supervising Judge, San Francisco Unified Family Court, warns: Litigation is an adversarial approach. It is expensive, tends to fan the flames of conflict, results in very personal attacks among the parties and is often limited to winners and losers by the end of the case.
Judge Marjorie Steinberg, who oversaw 45 family law judges and commissioners presiding over divorce cases in Los Angeles, agrees: Before you know it you’ll have a $75,000 bill from your lawyer and your husband will have an $80,000 bill and you’ll sell the house and you won’t have much left. I’m not blaming the lawyers, but litigation is not the best way to go for most of these cases.
Former Court Commissioner Marjorie Slabach, Recipient of a Family Law Judicial Officer of the Year Award, worries: I’m worried! I am worried about the family law litigant of the future…. the court system has not kept up with the needs of the litigant…. As the system works now, a judge coming into family court is set up for failure. The result here is an exhausted, anxious, befuddled judge who wants desperately to do the right thing and doesn’t have the time, knowledge or experience to know how to do it…. 

Judges praise alternative conflict resolution, as found in PARTING PROPERLY’S revolutionary, enlightened ideal divorce solution.

As Judge Steinberg said in the letter she sent out to every petitioner filing a divorce case in Los Angeles: There other ways that may help people find solutions that are mutually acceptable and may be preferable for several reasons: 1) You will directly participate in finding solutions; 2) You probably will be able to resolve your dispute sooner; 3) It may be much less expensive; 4) You may end the process with a better relationship with your former spouse; and 5) You will likely find it less stressful than court hearings…. If you have children, you must be particularly careful in choosing how to proceed.

Every couple contemplating divorce should call Parting Properly before they do anything else.

Divorcing couples who are unaware of Parting Properly are at great risk. For their own safety they should contact Parting Properly as soon as they consider a divorce.

If they end up with separate attorneys, they can find themselves on the sidelines as they are pushed farther apart, with everything they care about in jeopardy. They and their children may suffer the wounds inflicted upon them for the rest of their lives.

It is ethically imperative to give everyone contemplating divorce an opportunity to consider Parting Properly before they engage attorneys. After either the husband or wife hires an attorney, it may be too late.

Nobody else is doing what Parting Properly is doing. Nobody else will. Parting Properly is compelled to go forward, after seeing too much devastation from separate attorneys and time limited judges to be able to shirk the responsibility. Too many lives and the future of too many children are at stake.

Parting Properly empowers couples, and convinces even high conflict couples that the Ideal Divorce Solution is the better way. The results achieved are beyond wonderful. Anyone thinking about divorce, desiring more information, or wishing to refer someone who is thinking about divorce, please Call Us First. Parting Properly offers a FREE conference call: (888) 765-4860. We relieve uncertainties and calm fears.

We invite you. We implore you. Please call. Parting Properly will give you hope.

Even the best therapy and advice cannot save every marriage, but, by obtaining information about the Parting Properly method, which is the ideal divorce solution, divorcing couples may be saved from disaster, and given a chance for a promising future.